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Anonymous asked 7 years ago
I just turned 21 and went to my had my first visit with the gynecologist this past January 2017. Since turning 13 I have only had two periods a year and I told this to my doctor. She said I might have PCOS and would like to run more tests. At this same time, in January, I started having back pain in my lower pain and sometimes spinal chord. Often the pain radiates to my lower back, but is mostly in my front and back hips. It is a burning sensation on both sides. After an ultrasound and blood tests, my doctor says everything looks normal. My ovaries are a bit enlarged, but that did not seem to alarm her. I also went to visit a chiropractor for my back and told him about my symptoms. He at first told me that my menstrual cycle and back pain were not related, and said I had just pinched a never in my back because of a shift in my pelvis. Yet, now after almost six sessions with him he is saying that the two are related and I am still in discomfort. I have been trying yoga, tea, soy milk, parsley tea, hot bathes, etc. to get my period to come, but still no result. Every month I PMS with occasional cramps, but no bleeding. Do you have any advice for my back pain and absent period? Thank you in advance for your help. I am so frustrated.
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Ward Dean, MD answered 7 years ago
I can understand your frustration.
My guess is that your back pain and hormonal issues are unrelated, considering that you’ve suffered with absence of periods for so many years, and only recently began to have back pain.
It certainly sounds as if you may have PCOS—and while doing some tests to confirm the fact won’t hurt, it won’t change the way I would treat you. I’d start with Metformin and berberine—and perhaps some thyroid. Most women with PCOS are also hypothyroid. Hypothyroidism is also a common cause of menstrual problems.
Let me know how you do,
Ward Dean, MD