DMAE-H3 discontinued…how to make an alternative

QuestionsDMAE-H3 discontinued…how to make an alternative
Anonymous asked 8 years ago
Now that Twinlabs has discontinued production of DMAE-H3, I’m wondering you have any ideas about combining DMAE powder and PABA powder.  Since the way DMAE-H3 is made is supposed to be the reason for it’s potency (compared to plain DMAE), I’m not sure if just taking the individual powders and mixing them will have the same effect.  Do you have any ideas about this?
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Ward Dean, MD answered 8 years ago
Yes, I do have a few ideas about this. In fact, I wrote about them in an article I wrote for the   September, 2001 issue of Vitamin Research News, when we introduced a product similar to the one that Twinlabs just discontinued. The article was entitled, “DMAE and PABA–An Alternative to Gerovital (GH3), the Romanian Youth Drug.” The article can be found on my website at
I just checked the internet, and I see that VRP is apparently still making the product. One source is:
Ward Dean, MD