Anonymous asked 7 years ago
I have been diagnosed with reactive hypoglycemia which seems to manifest more frequently following the evening meal than during the day. I have attempted to control this by eliminating most carbohydrates from my evening meal which is quite effective but I would prefer to have. more flexibility in my dietary choices. My endrocrinologist has told me there is no medicine for hypoglycemia.
I am a 71 year old female and would like to know if Metaformin would help with the hypoglycemia and function as an anti aging agent in my case.
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Ward Dean, MD answered 7 years ago
Metformin is the most widely used anti-diabetic drug in the world.  Although it tends to normalize blood sugar levels (by a number of mechanisms), it does NOT cause hypoglycemia.  Your endocrinologist is wrong.  In fact, hypoglycemics do better when they are taking Metformin.  It is only when Metformin is used in diabetics in conjunction with insulin or sulfonylureas that hypoglycemia may ensue, due to excess insulin.  
Ward Dean, MD