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Anonymous asked 7 years ago
You are recommended as an area physician who prescribes low-dose naltrexone as a therapy in the treatment of a wide variety of auto-immune disorders/conditions/diseases. I am unable, however, to find any information on your website regarding this treatment.
Do you work with patients suffering from auto-immune related illnesses to help them discover the potential benefits of LDN therapy? If not, would you please recommend a local or nearby physician who does adhere to LDN therapy as a potential treatment that can benefit many people? Thank you in advance for your time and for your commitment to alternative healing therapies.
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Ward Dean, MD answered 7 years ago

Yes, we use LDN for a number of immunity-related diseases.  The only absolute contraindications are current uses of opioid medications, or hypersensitiity to the LDN at any dose.


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