Linus Pauling’s Vit C-Lysine-Proline protocol

QuestionsLinus Pauling’s Vit C-Lysine-Proline protocol
Anonymous asked 7 years ago
Hi Dr. Dean
What’s your opinion of Linus Paulings protocol of high dose Vit C (6g), lysine (3g),  and proline (3g) for heart disease?  Will the high lysine (3g) interfere with citruline/arginine?  Will it interfere with your standard treatments for anti aging?
Vic in SC
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Ward Dean, MD answered 7 years ago
Linus Pauling is a hard guy to argue with.  I’ve never used his regimen in this regard, but it should help. 

I don’t think it will interfere with the citrulline/arginine doses, as long as they are taken separately on an empty stomach (When we start mixing too many amino acids at the same time, we may lose their pharmacologic effect, and just start making proteins).