Doing away with all medicines and going to herbal medicines

QuestionsDoing away with all medicines and going to herbal medicines
Anonymous asked 7 years ago
I have bad anxiety and have been on anxiety medicine for a long time I take blood pressure medicine pre diabetic medicine cholesterol medicine and stomach medicine I see a doctor here locally that I’ve seen for years and I am tired of having to go to her because all she wants to do is push test on me what she does do a yearly blood test but I am trying to get away from all that because I don’t want test pushed on me every time I go to a doctor I’m hoping maybe you are a different kind of doctor and I would like to visit with you I am employed with Escambia County School District and I have United Healthcare do you take this kind of insurance just please let me know and thank you I will continue the blood work because I need that because I am pre diabetic but all these other tests that she asks me for I just feel like that I don’t want them to be pushed on me and if I’m ready to take them then I will
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Ward Dean, MD answered 7 years ago
Sorry, but we don’t accept any insurance—but we will provide a “superbill” that you can give to your insurance company to obtain reimbursement.  I work for my patients, not the insurance companies.
However, we do provide a very comprehensive blood test that IS covered by your insurance, if you choose to take it.  
I may be able to make some recommendations for nutritional supplements to reduce your requirement for some of the medications you are taking, although there are a few medications that are actually beneficial (such as Metformin, and Lisinopril).  
If you decide to make an appointment, please bring your medications, dietary supplements, and any relevant recent lab tests you may have.