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Anonymous asked 6 years ago
I am a retired Medical Doctor,so, somewhat reticent in regards to alternative medicine. My best friend from Missouri is a huge alternative medicine fan and really thinks that ozone therapy would help me and I found your site on the internet. We live in Kansas but will be at Hurlburt Field in about a week. I saw where you were jump qualified and ex ranger, I went through jump school at Fort Benning summer of 1966 and spent a year in VN, then finished my time at Fort Bragg. Wounded both legs and groin September 1966. Used to run marathons and ended up with medial meniscus repairs on both knees and then 2 years ago, right hip replacement. Now constant pain left knee with bone on bone. Do you feel prolozone injection would help and round figures to cost. Thanks, Jim Walker, MD, retired.
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Ward Dean, MD answered 6 years ago

Hi, Jim,

Sounds like we more than likely have some mutual acquaintances. Sorry for not getting back with you sooner.  I’m just now getting caught up with a lot of backed-up emails. 

Prolozone might help.  It’s worth a try, and it certainly won’t make things worse (like cortisone shots).  I’ve had a number of folks who cancelled knee replacements after several shots–and also some who only got temporary relief.  I charge $75/treatment. 

If you’re still in the AO, please give us a call  – 850-912-6981.