Do you treat stage 4/5 Kidney failure?

QuestionsDo you treat stage 4/5 Kidney failure?
wpengine asked 8 years ago
My mother has stage 4/5 kidney failure with 26% ejection heart failure so she is not a candidate for dialysis. Do you treat someone at this stage? I understand there is a treatment using baking soda. Her doctors have given her 6 months to a year.
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Ward Dean, MD answered 8 years ago
I treat the entire range of chronic degenerative diseases–with varying degrees of success, of course, depending on many factors.  I have several patients who started with a gfr (glomerular filtration rate) as low as 15, who are doing quite well.  Yes, I’m familiar with some of the studies reporting benefit of treatment with baking soda for chronic kidney disease (CKD).1-3  As the heart and kidneys work together, I believe we can improve the function of both, using non-toxic approaches to improve over-all function.
If your mother desires to come in for an evaluation and review of treatment options, I’ve attached a set of our New Patient Forms (link).  Please bring any recent lab work, and a list of medications and supplements that she may be taking.  
Sorry, but I don’t accept insurance of any kind (“When you take their money, you play their game.”  I work for my patients, NOT the insurance companies).  We will, however, provide a Superbill which she can submit to her insurance company/Medicare for possible reimbursement.  The first office visit (about 45 minutes) is $150.   
Please give us a call: (850) 912-6981.
Let us know if we can help,
Ward Dean, MD

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