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Anonymous asked 8 years ago
Dear Dr. Dean, I am a 69 year old male with type two diabetes for ten years. I am taking metformin 1000 mg. two a day and glipizide  5mg. two a day. My A1c is at 8%. Is there any other treatment you can advise me that would help me.
Thank you in advance Dr. Dean.
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Ward Dean, MD answered 8 years ago
Keep taking the Metformin. Several natural products that you may consider adding include Berberine, 1000 mg twice/day, several grams daily of cinnamon, and Mulberry fruit and Leaf (Life Enhancement has a combination product, Mulberry Metamind), 1-2 capsules twice daily.
I also recommend that you ask your physician for a prescription for Acarbose, 100 mg three times daily, chewed with your meals, or whenever you consume a carbohydrate snack. Acarbose is the most commonly used anti-diabetic drug in China, but is rarely used in the US.
Also, ask him for an Rx for a prescription for a glucose-transporter drug like Invokana, Farxiga, or Jardiance, which increases urinary excretion of glucose; and a GLP-1 agonist drug like Invokana, ByDureon, Trulicity, or Tanzium.
These are all VERY expensive, but each has a discount program that you may qualify for. Alternatively, you may qualify for their “patient assistance programs.”
The goal is to normalize your blood sugar, insulin and hemoglobin A1C levels, and to get you OFF of your sulfonylurea (glipizide) and PREVENT your requiring insulin.
Sulfonylureas (like glipizide) put a “squeeze” on the pancreas, causing the release of insulin. Short term, this is good, in normalizing your blood glucose levels, and bringing down your A1c, but in the long term the result is premature pancreatic beta cell failure, resulting in your requiring to be on insulin. Get off the glipizide. I’d rather have you on insulin, if the other alternatives are not successful.
With the above regimen, we may be able to normalize your blood sugar, restore insulin receptor sensitivity and normalize your A1C. Of course, reduce or eliminate your consumption of carbohydrates, and exercise regularly (a 15 minute walk each day does wonders for blood sugar maintenance).
Please let me know how you do,
Ward Dean, MD